What the science of light can do for poultry farmers

How LED lighting benefits poultry

Commercial and scientific trials prove that Greengage’s ALIS platform can deliver operational, productivity and environment improvements.

Below is a summary of some of the incremental improvements that compound to yield a return on investment. If you would like more information or proposal for your farm please contact us or complete the form opposite. 

Lighting for poultry

Influence of light

Light enters the retina to stimulate natural behaviours, physiology and growth.

Light also penetrates the skull to stimulate hormones necessary for egg production.

Uniform, controlled and coloured lighting reduces stress and encourages positive and natural behaviours.

ALIS lamps are developed for livestock vision. LEDs are selected to optimise performance against the domestic fowl photopic response.

Layers and pullets

Bespoke computer-aided lighting design for your barn plays a critical role for poultry growers since pullet maturity and layer output is influenced by light.*

Improved behaviour

From week one to five, broilers in the ALIS platform performed significantly more perching compared to birds under CFL lamps.

Poultry behaviour improvement
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Improved poultry mortality and hock scores
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Poultry love ALIS

Independent scientific trials have shown reductions in mortality, hock and foot pad sores with improvements in litter quality, mobility and perching.

Broiler weight improvement
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Production Yields

Research showed 21.30p gross margin per net kg using ALIS lamps and 20.43p for CFL. Difference 0.87p.With an average final broiler weight of 2.75kg, this equates to 2.39p per bird.

Induction powered LED lighting
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Broiler shed LED lighting installation
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ALIS induction power provides constant current with low to zero photometric flicker eliminating stress-inducing strobe effects.


Inductive power technology means the Power Hubs and Dawn till Dusk (DTD) Control Panels can be located in separate areas from livestock, improving safety and biosecurity.

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Sources †Independent academic trials and research commissioned by Greengage. *AHDB guide ‘Controlled environment for livestock, 4th edition’.

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