Warranty Policy

This is the warranty policy that applies to each of the products manufactured and supplied by Greengage Lighting Ltd (the “Company”). For the purposes of this warranty policy, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
“Products” means the products manufactured and supplied by the Company and “Product” shall mean any one of them (as appropriate);
“Product Specification” means, in relation to any Product, the ‘Product Spec-Sheet’ relating to that Product as provided on the Website (as amended from time to time), including product features, technical information, electrical and optimum specification and working environment instructions;
“Website” means the Company’s website found at the domain name ‘greengage.global’, as amended from time to time; and
“you” means the person registered as the owner of a Product on Registration.
Other terms are defined herein.

Any defective Products that are covered under the terms of this warranty shall be repaired or replaced as determined by the Company in its sole discretion, free of charge.

3.1 To be eligible for warranty cover, you must:

3.1.1 register the Product(s) by following the instructions provided to you by the Company (which may be via the Website or otherwise) within [15] days of the date of installation of the Product (“Registration”); and

3.1.2 provide the Company with valid proof of purchase as and when required showing that the Product(s) was purchased directly from the Company or from one of its authorised distributors.

3.2 Products which are not registered and/or that are without valid proof of purchase in accordance with clause 3.1 shall be deemed to be outside the cover of this warranty.

The warranty period for a Product shall begin on the date of Registration and shall continue for the period specified in the Product Specification.

Provided that the requirements of clause 3.1 have been met, a Product shall only be covered by the warranty in the event that you have complied in all respects with the Product Specification and any other information or instructions provided by the Company to you regarding the Product from time to time (including, without limitation, with regards to installation of the Product and any operating or working environment requirements).

6.1 The Company shall not be liable for, and this warranty does not cover, any of the following:

6.1.1 an damage, fault or failure occurring as a result of any cause beyond the Company’s control, including (without limitation) any failure by you to comply with any of the requirements in the Product Specification and/or any other information or instructions provided by the Company to you regarding the Product from time to time;6.1.2 any damage, fault or

failure occurring after, or as a result of, a Product being modified, altered or tampered with in any way;

6.1.3 any use of the Product that is inconsistent with its design or the way the Company intended the Product to be used;

6.1.4 Labour costs for the removal or replacement of Products; or

6.1.5 consequential losses and/or damages as a result of malfunctioning of, damage to, failure of an operating part of the Product, or damages, fault or failure as a result of any repairs or replacements under this warranty.

6.2 To the maximum extent permissible under applicable laws, the Company will not under any circumstances be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential losses and/or damages including (without limitation) property damage, lost time, loss of data, delays in servicing or the inability to render service on any Product.

6.3 Save for personal injury and death caused by the Company’s negligence and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, the remedies in this warranty are your sole and exclusive remedies and our liability, howsoever arising out of, relating to or in connection with this warranty, shall not under any circumstances exceed the price paid for by you for the Product.

This warranty is only good to the person named as the owner of the Product on Registration and is not assignable or transferable.

This warranty is governed by the laws of England.

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