Frequently asked questions

General questions

ALIS stands for Agricultural Lighting Induction System and provides light through a simple clip on contactless technology – similar to electric toothbrushes. ALIS lamps simply clip-on and turn on.

  • Custom lighting design by our experienced team for your required lux levels.
  • Easy to create higher intensity of light in specific areas.
  • Improved light distribution in the barn – uniform light throughout whole house, reduced shadows.
  • LED spectrum scientifically tested for use in poultry production
  • Dimmable to 1% of light output.
  • Reduced mortality – 0.7% improvement in broiler production.
  • Improved welfare in broiler production. More locomotor behaviours, more perching and less comfort behaviours.
  • Improved litter quality – (from improved locomotion) aids footpad and hock scores.
  • Improved bird mobility, reduced use of shavings by 8%
  • Reduction in floor eggs of 0.5% in laying houses.
  • Low power consumption – ALIS Barn Lamp (wide and narrow) consumes 10W – efficacy 110lm/W (wide) 100lm/W (narrow).
  • Efficient – Power factor of 0.95, with low harmonic distortion.
  • Dimming achieves pro-rata energy savings.
  • Designed and tested to meet IP65 and survive wash down.
  • Designed for operation at high ambient temperature, +50.
  • No power electronics in lamp, improving lamp reliability.
  • Lamps guaranteed for two years (Tube and Nest lamps three years).
  • Single lamp fail – system continues to operate normally.
  • Utilises only LEDs from leading global manufacturers (Citizen / Nichia).
  • LED lifetime 80,000 hours. That is 50% of lamps will retain 70% of light output after 80, 000 hours.
  • Simply clip lamps to cables.
  • No conduit or electrical connections to lamp. Install time two men, eight hours for 100m long house .
  • No electrician required for maintenance, adding or replacing lamps. Simply clip on/off.
  • Simple and easy to use from control panel.
  • Full technical support.

Technical questions

Standby losses of the Power Hub is 7W. This is equivalent to the standby power approximately 13 individual 15W LED drivers in a conventional system. Typical standby power for LED drivers is around 0.4W – 1W per fixture.

No. The ALIS-Bus cable supplied by Greengage Lighting is a double insulated twisted pair wire. It is twisted to cancel out the magnetic and electrical fields of the intermediate frequency current. The diameter of the conductor is specific to keep cable losses down and each of the two wires is double insulated to comply with the wiring regulations. Use of a cable that isn’t approved by Greengage Lighting is likely to cause problems and invalidates the warranty.

The system already comes with a dimmer.

Yes. ALIS is CE and UL certified.

Yes, ALIS has got IP65 rating.

They can last up to 80,000 hours subject to application.

ALIS is an instant feedback system. The moment you overload the circuit, it will start to flash. By removing the last ALIS-Luminaire you put on, the circuit will go back to normal. The status indicator on the Power Hub also shows you when you have overloaded the circuit.

The ALIS platform is manufactured with ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant components. Our LED lights can achieve up to 90% energy savings compared to CFL, fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. Our lamps typically last five years and require minimal maintenance. They contain no toxins such as mercury or lead and are easily recycled using standard industrial processes.

Yes. ALIS installation has been designed to be as tool-free as possible. Tools needed are wire cutters to cut the twisted pair cable to length, pliers to fasten the IDC on the ALIS-Bus, screw driver and wire stripper for main cable plug mounting.

ALIS is designed to keep Electro Magnetic Interference well below the international EMC limits. The system has been tested for EMC by an independent accredited test house and is fully compliant.

No. Each ALIS-Luminaire extracts power from the ALIS-Bus without affecting the current running through it. If one ALIS-Luminaire would break down, the rest of the system continues to operate. The induction process only works one way so a failure of an ALIS-Luminaire cannot affect anything else on the ALIS-Bus.

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