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ALIS (Agricultural Lighting Induction System) and provides light through an efficient clip-on contactless technology – similar to electric toothbrushes. ALIS lamps simply clip-on and turn on. Read more about induction power.

  • Custom ‘lighting design’ for your barn and requirements by our experienced team.
  • Easy to create a higher intensity of light in specific areas.
  • Improved light distribution in the barn – uniform light throughout the whole house, reduced shadows.
  • LED spectrum scientifically tested for use in poultry production
  • Dimmable to 1% of light output.
  • Reduced mortality – 0.7% improvement in broiler production.
  • Improved welfare in broiler production. More locomotor behaviours, more perching and less comfort behaviours.
  • Improved litter quality – (from improved locomotion) aids footpad and hock scores.
  • Improved bird mobility, reduced use