Animal Welfare Index Score

Using intelligent technology to measure behaviour, environment, and performance to give an objective out-come based Animal Welfare Index Score (AWIS).

Data Management

The Greengage Animal Welfare Index Score measures
18 key elements to create an Animal Welfare Index




Data Collection

By collecting data on key productivity, behavioural and environmental elements, we have developed an Animal Welfare Index that gives an out-come based measure of animal welfare.

Our unique platform of in-house sensors measures environment, movement and vocalisations. When combined with productivity data our Animal Welfare Index creates a welfare percentage score that can be used to assess, monitor and improve animal welfare and compliance.

Remote monitoring of animal welfare 24/7

Environmental and welfare data is collected from our sensors every 15mins or 96 times a day. This data is collated in the ALIS Sense App, along with productivity data and combined to create an out-come based measure of welfare for monitoring and assessing the welfare needs of your livestock.

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