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Our patented induction powered clip-on lighting and sensor platform is unique,
reducing installation time and improving energy efficiency to provide energy savings of between 50 and 90%.

Data collection for improved welfare and productivity


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5 tips for better lighting in your poultry shed

If you are thinking of changing your poultry lighting system or switching from non-poultry-specific lighting to professional poultry lighting here are some tips that may be of use. Today with the spiking gas and electricity prices switching from CFL to LED poultry lights is an excellent investment that is guaranteed to pay off in less

Reflecting on 70 years of poultry business evolution

As we look back on 70 years of Elizabeth II’s reign it is evident that our industry went through a revolution. Chicken went from being a delicacy to being the cheapest meat on the market. Poultry business evolves and creates new challenges and opportunities. But will it have the support of Britain’s new monarch?    

Measuring Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is complex, being a multi-faceted state and measuring it in an objective, outcome-based manner can be difficult to achieve.  A lot of animal welfare measurements are resource or input based but to measure welfare properly out-come based factors also need to be taken into account.  We have been considering how animal welfare is

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