Poultry Lighting and Poultry Sensors

for Broilers

Poultry Lighting and Poultry Sensors

for Breeders

Poultry Lighting and Poultry Sensors

for Layers

Swine Lighting and Swine Sensors

for Pighouses

Induction Power

Our patented induction powered clip-on LED agriculture lighting and sensor platform is unique,
reducing installation time and improving energy efficiency to provide energy savings of between 50 and 90%.

Data collection for improved welfare and productivity


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Updates from Greengage

The Benefits of Blue Lighting for Poultry Farming

Blue light can reduce stress in poultry. It can also improve productivity and manage heat stress. Is it a solution for you? Read more.

Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2023 Announced – and it Includes Welfare Sensors!

Welfare Sensors and Dara platform now recognised as important to farm functioning and funded by the government through the Farm and Equipment Technology Fund!

We welcome Grange CSE as our newest distributor!

We are excited to announce that Grange CSE is now a new distributor for Greengage tech in the UK! See their contact details below and check out their website

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