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Greengage pitches to investors at SETsquared breakfast event in London

SETsquared launched its Scale-Up Programme earlier in 2018, which is set to support 240 innovative SMEs over the next three years. It helps scaling companies access R&D grants with SETsquared university partners, as well as raise investment, generate new customers and recruit new talent. Greengage was one of five companies that pitched for investment at

Science of light: Shadow reductions in poultry barns

Scientific trials and commercial results prove that our patented ALIS platform improves animal welfare, productivity and reduces operational costs which all compound to yield to a significant return on investment for poultry farmers. In our series of blog articles about the science of light, this post highlights the importance of reduced shadows in broiler barns.

ALIS™ Barn Lamp high pressure wash test

This is an automated test chamber at our ALIS™ Barn Lamp manufacturing facility. Samples from every batch built are subjected to this test to confirm IPx6 capability is being maintained. IPx6 specifies the protection of equipment against the harmful effects of powerful water jets from any direction. The nozzle in the clip is 12.5mm in

Layer producer testimonial

Andrew Watson, Woodcock Farm, UK I can definitely say that the chickens are moving a lot more evenly where they perch and sleep at night. The difference has between inside and outside is a lot more balanced. When they are scratching inside they are very happy and displaying natural behaviours, so they must be clearly

Case study: ALIS™ system for Elsham Linc Limited, pig farm

Installation of Greengage’s ALIS™ induction lighting platform system at a North Lincolnshire (UK) pig farm. Elsham Linc Limited selected ALIS™ because of the energy-saving benefits as Sam Godfrey, explains: “We are delighted with the performance of the ALIS™ lighting platform developed by Greengage. It provides excellent lighting for the sheds and has cut our electricity bill substantially. We

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5-6 October Hanoi, Vietnam 17-18 October Saigon, Vietnam 22-23 October 2018 Website 13-16 November 2018 Hall 17 stand H05 Website 20 November 2018 Event sponsor, panellist and exhibitor Website 12-14 February 2019 Details about our attendance pending. Website 13-15 March 2019 Hall 100 Stand 3375 Website 1-2 April 2019 Halls 2,3,4 Stand E160 Website Fill