Poultry Lighting and Poultry Sensors

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Poultry Lighting and Poultry Sensors

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Poultry Lighting and Poultry Sensors

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Induction Power

Our patented induction powered clip-on LED agriculture lighting and sensor platform is unique,
reducing installation time and improving energy efficiency to provide energy savings of between 50 and 90%.

Data collection for improved welfare and productivity


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Updates from Greengage

Beyond Windows: Rethinking Animal Welfare in Farming

In the latest wave of animal welfare legislation, proposals to introduce windows in poultry sheds have sparked a debate that goes beyond the surface of farm animal care. At Greengage, we’re exploring the nuances of such measures and their unintended consequences on the very creatures they aim to protect. Modern poultry lighting and welfare sensors have revolutionized the way we understand and cater to the needs of chickens, challenging the anthropomorphic views that often guide consumer expectations and legislative efforts. The introduction of windows, while seemingly beneficial, may inadvertently create stress for chickens, disrupt their habitat, and impose unnecessary costs on farmers. This discussion extends into broader considerations of animal welfare in food production, highlighted by the recent European Court of Human Rights ruling on non-stunned slaughter practices. Join us as we delve into the complexities of ensuring animal welfare in a way that respects both the biological needs of farm animals and the practical realities of modern farming.

The Critical Role of Humidity in Poultry Welfare: Insights from Recent Research

In our latest blog post, we delve into groundbreaking research revealing the critical impact of humidity on poultry welfare. Discover how high ambient humidity aggravates ammonia-induced respiratory issues in laying hens, leading to severe health consequences. Our discussion emphasizes the importance of environmental control within poultry houses and introduces our advanced welfare sensors, designed to monitor crucial parameters for optimal bird health. Uncover the pivotal role of technology in enhancing poultry welfare and ensuring sustainable production practices.

Revolutionising Animal Welfare in Agriculture: How Tech Meets Ethics

Unlocking the Future of Ethical Food Production: Discover how cutting-edge technology is setting new standards in animal welfare, meeting the growing consumer demand for transparency and ethical practices in agriculture.

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