Poultry Lighting and Poultry Sensors

for Broilers

Poultry Lighting and Poultry Sensors

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Poultry Lighting and Poultry Sensors

for Layers

Swine Lighting and Swine Sensors

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Induction Power

Our patented induction powered clip-on LED agriculture lighting and sensor platform is unique,
reducing installation time and improving energy efficiency to provide energy savings of between 50 and 90%.

Data collection for improved welfare and productivity


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Updates from Greengage

Exciting Opportunity for Farmers: Greengage Tech Now Eligible for FETF 2024 Subsidies

Exciting news for farmers! Greengage’s state-of-the-art ALIS Pulse pig and poultry technology is now supported by the FETF 2024 subsidies. Our sophisticated environmental and welfare monitoring systems meet the fund’s eligibility criteria. This opportunity significantly reduces costs for farmers looking to enhance efficiency and animal welfare with cutting-edge technology. Dive into the details of our eligible products and see how you can transform your farming operations with the FETF 2024 grants.

ALIS Pulse – Smart Tech for Productivity in Poultry

In the rapidly evolving poultry industry, ALIS Pulse welfare Sensors emerge as a game-changer, offering unparalleled insights into flock health and environmental conditions. By merging traditional farming practices with cutting-edge technology, these sensors not only improve productivity but also pave the way for a more humane and sustainable approach to poultry farming. With features like real-time environmental monitoring and predictive analytics, ALIS Pulse is the modern solution to contemporary challenges in poultry management.

A Leap Towards Sustainable Practices with Advanced Welfare Monitoring

Discover how our cutting-edge ALIS Pulse Sensors are revolutionising poultry farming, driving sustainability by ensuring optimal bird health, enhancing productivity, and minimising environmental impact. Learn how integrating advanced technology with traditional farming practices can pave the way for a more sustainable, efficient, and ethical future in poultry farming.

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