Exciting Opportunity for Farmers: Greengage Tech Now Eligible for FETF 2024 Subsidies

We’re delighted to announce that Greengage’s innovative range of ALIS Pulse pig and poultry welfare sensors are eligible under the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) 2024. This development opens up a fantastic opportunity for farmers across England to access our state-of-the-art technology with substantial governmental support.

The FETF 2024 aims to promote the adoption of advanced farming equipment and technology to enhance productivity, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. With the fund’s expanded budget and categories, several of Greengage’s products are now eligible for grants, including our advanced environmental sensors for ammonia, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity, and our comprehensive visual or acoustic monitoring systems.

These subsidies will significantly reduce the cost barrier, allowing farmers to implement the latest technology in their operations for improved efficiency and animal welfare. Whether it’s enhancing environmental monitoring with our robust sensors, or adopting our sophisticated animal health and welfare monitoring systems, the FETF 2024 grants make it more accessible than ever.

For a typical shed with a full set of sensors and a 5 year subscription the grant would cover up to 5620£ (up from 2023£ covered by last year’s FETF), with this unprecedented level of governmental support our technology will be affordable for everyone.

For detailed information on eligible products and guidance on applying for these grants, contact our team at salesteam@greengage.global. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to advance your farming operations with the support of the FETF 2024.

Transform your farm with Greengage ALIS Pulse – the future of farming is here.