Induction power

Our patented induction power technology is unique and has been custom designed to be one of the safest, most energy efficient and user-friendly systems available.

Our Power Hubs generate the induction power for the ALIS lamps and ALIS Platform.

Advantages of ALIS induction power

Can reduce installation time and lamp replacement takes minutes.
Efficient energy consumption with 0.95 Power Factor.
Keeps power 'front of house' for safety and improved bio-security.
ALIS lamps clip on to the ALIS Bus cable.

How ALIS patented induction power works

Mains input Alternating Current (AC) is converted by the Power Hubs into High-Frequency Alternating Current (HFAC) which is sent down the proprietary Bus cable to power our lamps and sensors. Our patented induction power provides constant current with low to zero photometric flicker eliminating stress-inducing strobe effects.

What does a power factor of 0.95 mean for you?

The power factor is an indicator of how effectively electricity is being used: the higher the power factor the better, and the lower the cost.

The power of commercial electrical equipment, like our power hubs, is in 2 parts: active (working) and reactive (necessary but nonworking) power.

Think of commercial energy consumption as a latte coffee, where a Power Factor rating of less than 0.9 creates too much useless froth (Reactive Power), and therefore additional utility charges.

Greengage Power Hubs have a Power Factor of 0.95 which produces the optimum amount of ‘froth’ (Reactive Power) keeping electricity costs low.   Our patented induction power technology provides energy savings of between 50 and 90% compared to CFL and fluorescent systems.

Reactive power explained

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