Greengage and Agritech offer bespoke species-specific packages designed to make livestock farming easier, smarter and greener.

All our product platforms use ALIS induction power technology.

Our patented induction power technology is unique and has been custom designed to be one of the safest, most energy efficient and user-friendly systems available.

The ALIS induction powered platform consists of an integrated network of controllers, LED lights and a suite of sensors. When combined with our web-app and data analytics, it provides monitoring in critical parameters for welfare, productivity, and the environment. The ALIS platform is modular in design so that it can be fitted or retrofitted to any shed.

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Our patented induction technology significantly reduces power consumption and is easy to install.

  • Can reduce installation time and lamp replacement takes minutes.
  • Efficient energy consumption with 0.95 Power Factor.
  • Keeps power ‘front of house’ for safety and improved bio-security.
  • ALIS lamps and sensors clip on to the BUS cable.

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Our clip-on LED lighting is designed specifically for livestock.  They are built to excel in the livestock housing and have a run time of 100,000 hours.

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Our IoT welfare sensors monitor key welfare and environment parameters for animal welfare.  All our sensors are clip-on which makes them easy install and re-locate.

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Our data app is available in both mobile and web portal format.  It provides real-time analytics and alerts and when linked to our IoT sensors enables precision livestock farming and smart lighting in response to animal behaviour.

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