ALIS Pulse – Smart Tech for Productivity in Poultry

In the evolving landscape of the poultry industry, the quest for optimised productivity impacts traditional practices and gives birth to cutting-edge technological innovations. Our latest breakthrough, ALIS Pulse welfare Sensors, marks a significant leap towards realising the full potential of technology in enhancing poultry productivity. However, before delving into the transformative impact of these sensors, it’s important to acknowledge the areas of productivity that, despite our advancements, remain outside the realm of technological intervention.

What can smart sensors do for productivity?

Areas such as biosecurity, breeding, proper nutrition, and the implementation of sustainable practices are foundational elements that ensure the health and well-being of poultry. These aspects, as highlighted by sources like and, lay the groundwork for a thriving poultry operation, emphasising the importance of disease prevention, balanced diets, and environmental stewardship. While our technology does not directly address these facets, its role becomes pivotal when integrated into a holistic approach to poultry farming.

What kind of sensors are ALIS Pulse?

Transitioning to the core of our innovation, our welfare monitoring sensors offer a comprehensive solution to several productivity challenges faced by the industry. These sensors, seamlessly integrating with existing ALIS lighting systems, provide real-time monitoring of critical environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, lux levels, ammonia, and carbon dioxide levels. The inclusion of proprietary parameters like mobility and clustering, monitored through thermal cameras, and stress levels, assessed via acoustic sensors, sets our technology apart, offering a nuanced understanding of poultry welfare that was previously unattainable.

What does ALIS Pulse do for a farm?

The implications of detailed 24/7 monitoring are profound. By maintaining optimal environmental conditions, we can significantly reduce the stress levels in poultry, which in turn, positively affects their growth rate, egg production, and overall health, minimising mortality and getting the best FCR possible. The ability to detect early signs of distress or unfavourable conditions allows for timely interventions, mitigating potential losses and enhancing the efficiency of resource utilisation.

How can ALIS Pulse increase productivity on a poultry farm?

The correlation and causation between certain environmental (or stress) parameters in the shed and the outcomes of the flock are easily trackable with our smart app, so much so that the producer can discover a previously undetected systematic error that lead the flock to higher stress levels and higher mortality. By detecting and tackling these errors in environmental management, we can eliminate all of the factors that are holding the farm back. The tech is not a panacea and cannot promise that every farm outfitted by ALIS Pulse will perform at the same high level, but it can help the farm perform at the absolute best of its potential. Moreover, analysing past mistakes as to not repeat them is only the tip of the iceberg.

What does data bring into poultry management?

The integration of data analytics and machine learning into our system paves the way for predictive insights, enabling poultry farmers to anticipate and manage risks before they escalate. This proactive approach not only ensures the sustained health of the flock but also contributes to a more stable and predictable production output, aligning with the government’s emphasis on boosting agricultural productivity and resilience, as underscored in recent announcements at the National Farmers Union Conference.

A modern solution for a modern challenge

In response to the multifaceted needs of productivity in the poultry industry, our ALIS Pulse welfare sensors stand out as a pivotal tool in the technological arsenal available to farmers. By bridging the gap between traditional farming practices and modern technology, we are not just enhancing productivity; we are redefining what it means to run a poultry operation in the 21st century. Our commitment to innovation, backed by a deep understanding of the industry’s needs, positions us as leaders in the quest for a more efficient, sustainable, and humane approach to poultry farming.

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