Poultry Testimonials

Breeder farm testimonial

A very simple system to manage that was cost-effective and simple to install. In addition improved light intensity and distribution has helped productivity and reduced floor eggs.
Patrick Hook
PD Hook, UK

Layer farm testimonials

Significant reduction in lamp replacement and the expense that involves after each cycle (six weeks) is worth the investment in ALIS alone. We have ALIS installed in four sheds. Compared to our sheds that use CFL lights, I have noticed a better distribution of light on the floor with no dark areas resulting in calmer birds.
Eddy Robertson, Farm Manager
Greenknowles Farm, UK
I can definitely say that the chickens are moving a lot more evenly where they perch and sleep at night. The difference has between inside and outside is a lot more balanced. When they are scratching inside they are very happy and displaying natural behaviours, so they must be clearly enjoying it as they can see better. If the chickens are happy, I’m happy. It wins for everybody.
Andrew Watson
Woodcock Farm, UK
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