Poultry-Specific Lighting Solutions for Better Chicken Farm Lighting

The chicken farm lighting industry has experienced a notable shift from traditional screw-in lightbulbs to advanced, poultry-specific lighting systems. This change stems from a need for increased efficiency, reliability, and addressing unique poultry farming requirements. Let’s explore the reasons behind phasing out screw-in lightbulbs and the benefits of adopting poultry-specific lighting systems for your chicken farm.

Why Phase Out Screw-In Lightbulbs in Chicken Farm Lighting?

  1. Eliminate Flicker: Screw-in lightbulbs produce flicker, which goes unnoticed by humans but causes stress and reduced productivity in poultry. Poultry-specific lighting solutions tackle this issue by providing flicker-free lighting, significantly improving birds’ overall health and well-being.
  2. Boost Structural Integrity, Reliability, and Safety: Screw-in lightbulbs present challenges in structural integrity and safety. The high number of fault lines in these lighting systems often results in increased maintenance costs and potential hazards. Poultry-specific lighting systems offer enhanced durability, fewer fault lines, and better safety for birds and farm personnel. The ALIS lighting system has only 2 fault lines per row of lights!
  3. Safeguard Patents and Proprietary Technology: Poultry-specific lighting manufacturers heavily invest in research and development, resulting in patented technology that ensures product quality and reliability. Developing unique lighting solutions allows manufacturers to protect their intellectual property and prevent the market from being flooded with low-quality knockoffs that could damage their reputation.
  4. Provide Precise Dimming and Lighting Levels: Modern poultry-specific lighting systems deliver accurate dimming and lighting levels, simulating natural sunrise and sunset patterns for the birds. This feature reduces stress and promotes better sleep, contributing to overall improved health and productivity.
Perfectly intact Greengage ALIS lightbulb on paving stones next to a crushed glass dome consumer grade lightbulb
Greengage ALIS and a consumer-grade lightbulb subjected to the same force – which would you choose for your chicken farm lighting system?

Advantages of Poultry-Specific Lighting Solutions for Industrial Farms:

  1. Customize and Adapt: Poultry-specific lighting systems cater to the unique needs of various poultry farming operations, such as layers, breeders, broilers, and swine businesses. These systems can be tailored to address specific challenges and optimize production outcomes.
  2. Integrate Advanced Technologies: Modern poultry-specific lighting solutions can feature advanced technologies like sensors for monitoring and optimizing lighting conditions, temperature, humidity, NH3, and CO2 levels. Some systems also offer monochromatic lights, such as red lights for layers to speed up sexual maturation and improve egg production or blue lights for calming broilers during catching or heatwaves.
  3. Enhance Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Poultry-specific lighting systems prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability, reducing energy consumption and lowering the environmental impact of poultry farming operations.
  4. Improve Productivity and Animal Welfare: By addressing issues like flickering, stress, and suboptimal lighting conditions, poultry-specific lighting solutions contribute to better animal welfare, ultimately resulting in increased productivity, lower mortality and healthier birds.
Collage of three images. Left image - photo of chickens in brightly lit shed. Right column, top image - man adjusting lit Greengage ALIS lightbulb on bus cable with his bare hands, proving the safety of the system. Right column, bottom image - smartphone in hand, image on screen - AWIS report with rundown of parameters in the shed.
Not just a lighting solution but so much more – ALIS Sensors and the Greengage’s proprietary AWIS algorithm

While screw-in lightbulbs served their purpose in the past, the future of chicken farm lighting belongs to poultry-specific solutions. These advanced systems offer improved efficiency, reliability, and safety while catering to the unique needs of poultry farming operations. Adopting poultry-specific lighting solutions for your chicken farm will undoubtedly lead to better animal welfare, increased productivity, and long-term sustainability.

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