Lighting to Stop Biting

Increasing knowledge on intelligent lighting for pigs to improve productivity and welfare.

Greengage AgriTech are privilged to have been been working exclusively with British Quality Pig (BQP) to assess how lighting and sensor technology can be used to improve performance and enhance welfare.


Intellegent lighting combined with sensor technology

Greengage have installed lighting in 2 identical sheds one with just white lights and the other with both blue and white lights.  Together Greengage and BQP hope to gather more data on the influence of intelligent lighting combined with sensor technology on pig performance and welfare.  While it is known that many factors can influence pig behaviour such as genetics, feed and environment, the influence of lighting has not been looked at on a commercial scale.  The work being completed by Greengage and BQP provides a unique opportunity to develop, and further the understanding of how lighting can influence pig behaviour and welfare.



Pioneering acoustic sensor for pigs

Beyond this Greengage have pioneered an acoustic sensor for pigs (the ‘Grunty’ Sensor).  The Grunty sensor constantly monitors the acoustics within the shed picking up in real time any changes in the acoustics of the herd indicating aggression events.  When the Grunty sensor is coupled with the intelligent lighting system, light intensity and colour can be changed in response to animal behaviour as it occurs.

Data gathering continues

Testing is ongoing but results so far show that a change in light spectrum or intensity does influence behaviour.   Introducing blue lights at the first indication of aggression, seems to have a calming effect on pigs, stopping aggression.  The hope is that the ability to monitor behaviour through  sensors, we will soon be able to pinpoint when and what can cause the spikes in aggression .   With this knowledge comes the possibility that aggression spikes can be prevented from taking place in the first place.

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