Lighting to benefit performance

Greengage features in Poultry.Network discussing how lighting can benefit broiler and layer performance.

In a recently published article in Poultry.Network business development manager, Glynn  spoke to Jake Davies about the benefits of Greengages ALIS lighting system for broiler and layer production.

Poultry specific lighting

The LED lights used in our ALIS system are designed specifically for poultry vision.  Poultry percieve light differently to humans and therefore light colour, intensity and the length the lights are on will influence performance.  In designing our lights we have taken account of the  differences in poultry vision to provide optimum light intensity and colour for bird performance, health and welfare.


This, along with our induction power system which is highly efficient and our easy fitting process, ROI in a Greengage lighting system is excellent.  For one broiler producer annual savings (reduced energy costs and improved growth rate) were calculated to be  £5,354 that is an ROI in under 2 years.


As well as all this layers also benefit from an improved uniformity of light as we use a a larger number of smaller lights.  Uniformity of light is key in reducing floor egg numbers.

LED lighting poultry breeding
PD Hook, breeder barn, England, UK.

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