Greengage wins New Product Award at the Pig & Poultry Fair

Greengage receives The Pig World New Product Award for our Animal Welfare Index Score at the Pig & Poultry Fair

After a great couple of days at The Pig & Poultry Fair we were delighted to receive The Pig World Award for New Product for our Animal Welfare Index Score (AWIS) which we launched at the show.

An outcome-based measure of animal welfare

AWIS is our newest product innovation and it is designed to give an out-come based measure of animal welfare. Many current welfare schemes use resource-based measures to assess animal welfare.  Resource-based measures refer to inputs into the production system.  They measure the extent to which an animal receives certain key resources e.g., appropriate space, clean drinkers, feed, perching space, stocking density.  However, just because a resource is provided it does not mean that it is being used and therefore contributing positively to an animal’s state of welfare.

That is why we are so excited about AWIS.  AWIS uses outcome-based measures to determine an animals welfare state.  Outcome-based measures are based on objective measurements of the animals themselves such as mortality, disease, injury, natural behaviour, etc.


AWIS collects data on 18 key, welfare, productivity and environmental parameters to produce a percentage welfare score which can be used to assess, monitor and improve welfare.  A key part of this is our sensor platform which measures environment and behaviour remotely 24/7, allowing animal welfare to be monitored in real time.

Tim Hodgetts, COO said:

We have been working really hard in recent years to develop an outcome-based measure of animal welfare and this award is a real credit to the  team and all their hard work.

Steve Parsons, CEO added:

We are grateful to Pig & Poultry for giving us a platform on which to show case AWIS.  Although we won Pig World New product, AWIS is designed for use in both the pig and poultry industries and we are looking forward to working with producers to see how we can apply AWIS in day to day management systems to better monitor, and where required, improve animal welfare.

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