Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2023 Announced – and it Includes Welfare Sensors!

Those of you in England wishing for a sensor system for your shed are in luck! The 2023 FETF includes several items for sensors and data analytics

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ALIS Sense Sensor

Of particular interest to us are *FETF277A for Temperature and humidity sensor, *FETF283A for Ammonia Sensor, *FETF284A for Carbon Dioxide sensor and *FETF259A for Auto-monitoring system for main unit for poultry housing

The grant can cover up to 585£ for a set of sensors and up to 853£ for a subscription to a data platform which is good news for anyone planning to upgrade their shed monitoring

AWIS – Animal Welfare Index Score – a data platform by Greengage

We are happy to say our equipment is eligible and this grant would cover a very sizeable portion of the price!

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