The Ultimate LED Light Bulbs for Chicken House: Productivity, Safety, and Flexibility in One Solution

If you’re searching for the perfect LED light bulbs for your chicken house, you might be focused on finding energy-efficient, long-lasting lighting solutions that provide optimal conditions for your poultry. However, there’s a crucial aspect that often goes unnoticed – how these light bulbs are powered. The traditional options on the market may offer lighting solutions, what they are in essence is a robust water-resistant string of Christmas lights. None of the systems powering these lightbulbs offer a solution that can last essentially forever in the harsh conditions of an Intensive Poultry Unit. All but one – the Agri Lamp Induction System (ALIS), which offers unparalleled safety and flexibility of induction. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the advantages of induction-powered LED lighting and how it can transform your poultry production, offering not only superior lighting but also a comprehensive solution that can be easily upgraded and modified.

The Power of Induction

two photos of state of the art poultry shed with Greengage ALIS lighting
ALIS lighting is as good as any light made by a competitor, but what makes it truly special is the power behind it.

The patented ALIS provides a unique and innovative method of powering LED light bulbs for a chicken house using induction technology. Induction was discovered in 1831 by Michael Faraday, but the practical applications of induction only became widespread in the recent decades. Wireless charging would’ve looked like magic, but today it is commonplace thanks to induction. Much like a wireless charger, the ALIS system powers lights and sensors wirelessly, meaning no physical soldering point is established between the bus cable and the equipment. Induction allows you to easily reposition ALIS lights whenever needed, clipping them on and off without any hassle. This flexibility is essential in the ever-changing environment of a poultry farm, allowing you to adapt the lighting system to your specific needs, regulations, schemes and breeds.

Safety in the Chicken House Above All

Photo of a man adjusting a lit Greengage ALIS light on the ALIS bus cable in poultry house with his bare hands, proving the electrical safety of the system
ALIS lights are so safe they can be clipped onto a live cable without any protection.

Poultry houses are highly flammable, making safety a top priority for any farmer. Traditional lighting systems come with the risk of electric faults, which can pose a significant fire hazard. The ALIS system, however, eliminates this risk by using induction technology that doesn’t rely on fault-prone wiring. The result is a much safer environment for your poultry and workers, giving you peace of mind.

More Than Just LED Light Bulbs

Collage of 5 images on a backdrop of a faded photo of a poultry shed. Top row, left: hand holding a smartphone with an app displaying the conditions in a shed. Top row, right: Greengage ALIS sensor hanging from the ALIS induction cable. Bottom row, left: thermal image of a chicken showing a hotter head and cooler wings. Bottom row, middle: thermal images of several chickens highlighting the heat on their faces. Bottom row, right: thermal image of chickens shot from above, showing the outline of the chickens' bodies.
ALIS innovative algorithms detect anomalies movement and heat in your flock. This early warning system can prevent widespread outbreaks and aggression.

While other companies may only offer chicken house LED light bulbs, our solution goes beyond lighting. ALIS is compatible with a range of smart sensors designed to monitor and optimise the conditions in your poultry unit. These sensors clip onto the ALIS system effortlessly, allowing you to track crucial data and make informed decisions about your farm’s operations.

Innovative, Proprietary Sensors

ALIS sensors measure key parameters in your shed – temperature, humidity, lux levels, CO2 and ammonia. But that’s not all! True to ALIS level of innovation, there are two proprietary sensors that set ALIS aside from the competition:

  1. Vocalization Sensor: This innovative sensor measures the vocalization of your poultry, analyzing the data to detect any anomalies in sound. This can help you identify potential issues before they escalate, ensuring the well-being of your flock.
  2. Movement Detection Sensor: Equipped with thermal cameras, this sensor detects movement within the poultry house. By analyzing the data, it can identify any unusual patterns, clustering and anomalies in movement, alerting you to potential problems.

The Complete Solution

The Agri Lamp Induction System (ALIS) is more than just an LED lighting solution for your chicken house – it’s a complete, customizable system that prioritizes safety, flexibility, and data-driven decision-making. By choosing ALIS, you’re investing in the future of your poultry production, with a system that can be easily upgraded and modified as needed. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter solutions when you can have a tailored, innovative approach designed specifically for the unique challenges of intensive poultry farming. Whether it’s LED light bulbs for your chicken house, sensors or monochromatic lights – ALIS has you covered. Get your free no-commitment light plan, quote and consultation today!