How to Pick Livestock Lighting of High Quality

When managing livestock farming, one critical yet often overlooked aspect is lighting. The influence of a well-implemented livestock lighting system extends beyond mere illumination; it shapes productivity, enhances animal welfare, and fulfils industry regulations. At Greengage, we strive to shine a light on both your farm and the obscured truth behind industry marketing messages.

Are 100 000 hours truly 100 000 hours?

In the livestock lighting industry, the promise of 100,000-hour lighting is frequently touted. However, this figure often belies the full story. Purchasing a bulb promising 100,000 hours of service doesn’t guarantee optimum performance throughout its lifespan.

In contrast to many of our competitors who utilise L70B50 luminaires with a degradation rate of 30% over 100,000 hours, we commit to superior longevity and consistent performance. Our ALIS lights are manufactured using L80B50 rated luminaires, guaranteeing a degradation of just 20% or less over 100,000 hours. We incorporate a correction factor during installation, enabling our lights to gradually increase output over the years to compensate for luminaire degradation. The result is a lighting system that delivers consistently promised output throughout its entire life cycle, while competitors’ lamps dwindle in brightness over time, making your farm not compliant with regulations and schemes.

Claims? or Facts Backed by Independent Testing

Beyond our claims of ALIS’ superior performance, we back it up with rigorous, independent testing conducted by Energy Star. While the target for the lights was to maintain 70% of output for 60,000 hours at temperatures of 85°C and 105°C, our product surpassed these figures. It maintained at least 70% output for 149,000 hours at 85°C and 137,000 hours at 105°C. At a more realistic core temperature of 55°C, our lamp sustains at least 70% output for a remarkable 161,000 hours. This means we outperform our competitors by a whopping 61% under similar conditions.

Why Colour Rendering Index is Important to Livestock Farming

The quality of light has profound impacts on animal welfare. We design ALIS lighting with the unique needs of livestock in mind. Boasting a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 83, ALIS lights reproduce colours accurately compared to sunlight. Birds need an accurate representation of colours to be able to orient themselves in space and distinguish each other by looking at feather patterns which is especially important for breeder units. A higher CRI provides an environment that reduces stress and promotes animal welfare. On the other hand, competitors often conceal their CRI figures, suggesting a potentially lower performance in this area.

Flicker and Uniformity of Light in Livestock Farming

Livestock, particularly poultry, is sensitive to flickering lights. Regular lightbulbs powered by mains electricity, with a frequency of either 50Hz or 60Hz, can cause discomfort to birds that perceive flicker up to 140Hz. While many competitors use direct current power (DC) to eliminate flicker, this method has significant downsides. Notably, it loses output over the length of a row of lights, not only losing power but also leading to clustering and crowding as birds prefer the brighter end of the shed.

Our energy-efficient solution involves transforming mains electricity into a 50,000Hz current using a transformer. The frequency is so high that it’s imperceptible to any living being. Our technology ensures uniform lighting across the entire shed, promoting higher mobility, natural behaviours, and reduced stress among the livestock all while saving money on electricity.

Equipment that Will Last a Lifetime

Our innovative induction technology stands out in the industry. Unlike other so-called “clip-on systems” that clip onto and pierce the cable, our lights clip onto a cable without causing any damage. The wireless energy transfer minimizes the risk of short circuits, reduces potential system faults, and significantly enhances safety. Our lights are easily replaceable and repositionable, eliminating the costly and laborious task of reinstalling an entire system at end-of-life of lights, a necessity with all competitor products.

Lighting in livestock farming goes far beyond mere illumination. It’s about the holistic improvement of productivity, animal welfare, and operational efficiency. We take pride in delivering not just lighting solutions, but also the truth through our superior and innovative products that outshine the competition in all significant aspects.

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