ALIS™ Barn Lamps available from May 2018

ALIS™ Barn Lamps are our toughest and highest performing lamp yet. From May 2018 it replaces ALIS™ 8W and 11W lamps.

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One minute video above gives an overview of the ALIS™ Barn Lamp installation process and illustrates how the LED lamps can be clipped on quickly which significantly reduces installation time. Dimming from 1% to 100% features at the end of the clip.

Catching lamp for poultry
Patented inductive power technology enables ALIS™ Barn Lamps to clip on for efficient installation and easy maintenance while keeping the cable intact for safety.
ALIS™ Barn Lamp wide beam (160° angle). Product code ALS0003.
ALIS™ Barn Lamp narrow beam (130° angle) is similar to the ALIS™ 8W which gives a higher intensity of light on the floor. Product code ALS0001.
ALIS™ Blue Lamp creates calming conditions in poultry sheds for the catching phase (product code ALS00017).

ALIS™ Barn Lamps are designed and manufactured for


Other applications include cattle, partridge and turkey.
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Invest once and trust

Accelerated tests have shown the design life of the lamp to last 100k hours.

  • Rough Service certification.
  • Lumen maintenance 100k hours (L80B50). Tested using L80 and TM21 standards.
  • IP66 rating.
  • UL and CE approved*. CB certified*.
  • Three-year warranty (from date of manufacture).

Lighting livestock will love

Independent scientific trails have shown reductions in mortality, hock and food pad sores with improvements in litter quality, mobility and perching.

  • Colour temperature (3500K) – impacts on positive behaviour and growth.
  • Dimmable – optimum light conditions for growth stages.
  • Controller – dawn to dusk conditions.
  • Stress-free flickering – reduces bird stress.

Save shedloads

Our ROI calculator (broiler only, more species pending) highlights the compounding financial yields of all the incremental improvements ALIS™ delivers.

  • Installation time (three men working eight hours to install one average sized broiler shed).
  • Power Factor (0.95) – Values lower than 0.95 increase energy costs.
  • Energy consumption 10W.

*Pending tests and approvals