Technical Notification 18-002

Affected Parts: IPH500230/IPH500110

Description: ALIS Power Hub (PH500)

Reason for Issue

Technical Update for IPH500230 / IPH500110 loading and End Termination protocol.

When installing or maintaining ALIS™ system consideration should be given to the number of ALIS™ lamps and the total length of ALIS™ Bus cable. The overall length of cable and number of lamps contribute to the total load on the Power Hub.

The ALIS™ systems work on an induction principle which is generated by a modulated AC waveform on the ALIS™ Bus. To ensure optimal performance the ALIS™ Bus needs to be kept in resonance with the output of the Power Hub. As the length of the ALIS™ Bus and number of lamps increases its impedance changes and with that the resonance frequency.

The effects of a bus which is out of resonance would be the causation of the PH500 to trip out and require a manual reset.

To ensure optimum operation and stability of the ALIS™ system the following recommendations should be observed. If the length of the ALIS™ bus is less than 100m then the ALIS™ Bus is terminated by means of a shorting connection to keep the ALIS™ Bus in resonance with the Hub.

When the length greater than 100m the ALIS™ Bus is terminated by the supplied ETM (68nF) to keep the ALIS™ Bus in resonance with the Hub.

For new installations where a Relux design has been provided by Greengage. Consideration of the lamp quantities and bus lengths have been taken into account to ensure correct end termination.

For installations without Relux designs the table below details the allowable lamp quantities, ALIS™ Bus lengths and de-rate limits for 230v (CE) and 110v (UL) variants of the PH500.

Example short ALIS™ Bus connection
Example ETM (68nF) ALIS Bus connection