Symmetry Control Dimmer

Symmetry Control Dimmer

The new LED regulator is fitted with advanced software control, this enables the regulator to log and compare the frequency of the AC main power supply frequency of each cycle 50 to 60 times per minute and to automatically compensate for changing frequency.

Should the main power supply be of low quality or suffer from external interference the regulator is fitted with an amber status LED which will illuminate upon poor main power supply.

With the regulated frequency being emitted from the control, the dimmer can then safely dim the system. This is an important addition to any lighting system as it has numerous benefits for the equipment as well as the livestock that are exposed to regulated constant light. The status indicator is easily reset by powering the regulator down/and powering back up.


Product Features:

■ Fitted with Minimum light trimmer and Maximum light trimmer.

■ Smooth dimming effect.

Technical Specification:

■ Mains Voltage: 85Vac – 256Vac.

■ Maximum Load: 2500W.

■ Frequency: 50/60Hz.

■ Adjustment: Fitted with Minimum light trimmer and Maximum light trimmer.

■ Control Input: 0-5V/0-10V or 5K 3 wire potentiometer (Control output 5000 steps at 50Hz).


■ Dimensions: 146mm x 88mm x 55mm.

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