Science of light: Shadow reductions in poultry barns

Scientific trials and commercial results prove that our patented ALIS platform improves animal welfare, productivity and reduces operational costs which all compound to yield to a significant return on investment for poultry farmers.

In our series of blog articles about the science of light, this post highlights the importance of reduced shadows in broiler barns.

Improve flock uniformity

A larger number of smaller lamps, like ALIS Barn Lamp, gives greater uniformity and reduced shadows. Shadows create uneven flock distribution which can negatively impact litter quality and bird behaviour. Chicken’s natural response to avoid shadows comes from the time when their ancestors (Junglefowl) lived in forests and predators lurked in the shadows.     

Competitor tube lighting showed strong shadowing with overhead equipment and drinkers (indicated by the red circles).

Reduced shadows with ALIS platform

Poultry barn lighting
Chicken barn lighting

But this is just one of many improvements we have scientific and commercial evidence for.

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