Poultry layer package

Shed 25metres x 90metres
(82ft x 295ft)
Grey area on the floor represents layer system footprint.
Even light distribution and reduced shadows.
Reduce aggression and mortality.
Improve hock and foot health.
Maintains birds’ circadian rhythm.
Fewer eggs on the floor.
Encourage natural behaviours.

ALIS layer package components


2 X Power Hub Panels, Two Channels.

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1 X DTD Controller

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500m X ALIS Bus Cable

LED lighting for poultry and pig farming


100 X ALIS Barn Lamps

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LED lighting and sensors for poultry layer farming


ALIS Tube Lamp Couplers (quantity dependent on layer system type and specifications).

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layer farming LED lighting


ALIS Tube Lamps (length and quantity dependent on layer system type and specifications).

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Poultry swine sensors


ALIS Sensors

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5 X ALIS Junction Boxes

Recent ALIS layer installations

ALIS Tube Lamp installation in a layer farm in Scotland, UK.
ALIS Tube Lamp installation in 2,000 organic layer farm in Switzerland.


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I can definitely say that the chickens are moving a lot more evenly where they perch and sleep at night. The difference between inside and outside is a lot more balanced. When they are scratching inside they are very happy and displaying natural behaviours, so they must be clearly enjoying it as they can see better. If the chickens are happy, I’m happy. It wins for everybody.

Woodcock Farm, UK
Andrew Watson, Free Range Director
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