Swine package

Shed 18metres x 50metres
(59ft x 164ft)
LED lighting and sensors for pig farming
Production saving of £5.16 per pig.
Quicker, safer and easier to install.
Installed at 2m (approximate) height for easy access.
Control intensity for inspections and light cycles.
Reduced maintenance and contractor visits.
The farmer can move or replace lamps.

ALIS swine package components


1 X Power Hub Panels, Two Channels.

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1 X DTD Controller

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500m X ALIS Bus Cable

LED lighting for poultry and pig farming


60 X ALIS Barn Lamps

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Poultry swine sensors


ALIS Sensors

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2 X ALIS Junction Boxes

Recent ALIS swine installations

LED lighting and sensors for pig farming
Farrrowing barn for 64 sows plus piglets, England, UK.
LED lighting and sensors for pig farming
Nursery barn for 500 piglets in Australia.


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We have installed ALIS at numerous pigs farms in England since its release five years ago. We continue to recommend the ALIS platform to pig farmers as it wins hands down on many fronts.

AM Warkup
Technical Sales Director, Andy Hall
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