Family Number Description Territory
P00 – Constant Current Class 3 System US7038400
1 & 2: Constant current, high frequency lamp driver, varying load US, MX (Mexico), Canada
P01 – Power Distribution System EP2409548
1, 2, 5: Twisted pair wire, power tapping, synchronous rectifier. 1.Spain. 2.Germany. 3.Denmark. 4.Netherlands. 5.France. 6.Poland. 7.Italy. 8.Belgium.  9.United Kingdom.  10.Romania. 11.Hungary. 12.Austria. 13.Portugal.  14.Czech Republic.  15.Ireland. 16.Sweden.  17.Greece.  18.Turkey. 19.Switzerland & Lichtenstein. US, Canada, EP, India, Japan
P04 –  Power Distribution System Improvements US9992830 Capacitance on secondary that substantially compensates for reactance of primary UK, International
P05 – Control System GB2512149 Driver, controller by analogue outputs, controlled by command control. UK, International
PG1 – Inductive Lamps Inductive lamp with slot, capable of hanging on power cable. International Application
PG2 – ALIS Lamps Lamp with hinged lid and clamped seal on wire bore. International Application
PG3 – Livestock Rearing GB2522020 Rearing control via camera feedback and modified light spectrum. GB, International, Canada, US