LED lighting funding for livestock farmers available from DEFRA

Government funding is available to UK producers looking to install or re-fit their livestock houses with LED lighting.

The Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affair’s (DEFRA) Countryside Productivity Scheme website highlights one of the key advantages of LED technology over traditional legacy lighting:

LED lighting in livestock housing can reduce a farm’s energy consumption and improve animal health and productivity”.

DEFRA’s grants are a great opportunity to refit one or more of your livestock buildings with our Agricultural Lighting Induction System (ALIS) LED lighting system and reap its many benefits sooner rather than later. In addition to helping with the grant application, Greengage can also provide:

  • an online or face-to-face presentation of our ALIS system
  • overview of the production, animal welfare and operational benefits unique to ALIS
  • a lighting design (for the LUX measurements)
  • energy savings calculation
  • return of investment calculation.

The Energy Department also provides funding to farms looking to reduce energy consumption.

To arrange a presentation or receive more information about ALIS complete the form opposite or call +44 (0)131 650 8851.

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