ALIS Induction Power

The ALIS Induction Power Hub delivers super high frequency electricity to our LED lamps, providing a smooth dimmable luminance from 0% to 100% that is safe.

ALIS is the only LED Agricultural Lighting Induction System. Providing lighting through a simple clip on contactless system. ALIS LED lamps simply clip-on and turn on.

The simplicity and flexibility of our reliable power hub enables farmers and meat-producers to install and control the environments of their livestock with greater accuracy and understanding. The system is widely affordable and easy to install with only basic tools required. Everything is provided and we can assist you with the installation if desired.

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Product Features:

■ Easy installation, simple wiring layout.

■ Low in rush of current.

■ Dimmer controller 0 to 100%.

■ Smooth dimming effect.

■ Durable reliability.

■ Double insulated cable.

■ Minimum harmonic distortion.

■ Maximum Power Factor.

Technical Specifications:

■ Light Source(s): LED

■ Luminous Flux: 550 & 1124 lumens

■ Connection Type: Contactless

■ Dimmer Option: 100K potentiometer or 0-10V

■ Rating: IP65

■ Rated Life: 60,000 hours or more

Working Environment:

■ Temperature: -20oC to 55oC

■ Humidity: 0 to 95%


Electrical Specification:

■ Max Power Consumption: 500W

■ Input Voltage: 220/240/110V 50/60Hz

■ Power Factor: >0.95