How Greengage continues to shine in precision livestock farming with IoT and Seebo

Greengage partnered with Seebo to develop an IoT platform (Internet of Things) for precision livestock farming. While our ALIS lighting system delivers improvements in production, animal welfare and operations, our forthcoming range of sensors, web app and data analytics will take monitoring and analysis of flocks to unparalleled levels.

Derek Liddle, Director of Engineering at Greengage explains, in the 2.45min video opposite, why the agritech company moved into the world of IoT and how the Seebo innovation platform helped with rapid prototyping together with identifying technologies, vendors and minimising risks.

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Video transcript

Hello, I’m Derek Liddle. I’m the Director of Engineering at Greengage.

Greengage is an agricultural technology company focused on providing lighting and sensors for precision livestock farming.

We do that to enable three things in the farm. We are trying to increase productivity for the farmer, operational cost benefits and improved animal welfare, in an age where precision livestock farming has reached high volume and high intensity.

The reason we looked at IoT was in response to industry demand. What we were finding when we spoke to our customers, in particular, to farms, that they had a need not just for lighting system but they had a need for understanding what was going in their livestock house and being able to manage that across multiple sites on a large scale.

IoT offers us the ability to start measuring and providing the information our customers need. So by innovating and providing these things our customers want, IoT is helping us get ahead and hopefully stay ahead of our competition.

We went to Seebo with an idea and they rapidly took that idea, helped us look up the different facets of the problem we were trying to address and the different types of system solutions that we could adopt. And then help us narrow down our choices rapidly to find an optimum solution in terms of cost and performance that satisfies our users’ needs.

IoT was new to Greengage and through our partnership with Seebo that allowed us to reduce the risks with engaging with IoT and develop smart products in the minimum amount of time.

Seebo’s market place gave us to access to vendors that were able to respond rapidly in a cost effective way and help us to develop prototypes that we could show proof of concept to our customers.

What we plan to achieve with this product is not only an innovative lighting solution that is based on inductive power but to add to that a plethora of sensor systems including environmental, animal welfare and productivity sensors so that ultimately they can be sustainable, and we can provide them with the information they need, at a glance on their tablet, in order to manage their systems and processes.

The impact of all of that for us is that it effectively gives us ideal project management it gives us a faster time to market and low development costs, so Seebo has been a valuable partner in providing that but also a valuable partner in identifying what’s available in what is a very fragmented and prolific market place.