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Enlightened farming: Unique solutions to lighting and in-house monitoring.

Greengage Agritech are agricultural technology experts working to improve animal welfare and productivity while reducing operational costs in precision livestock farming. We produce innovative lighting and welfare sensor technology that delivers outcome-based measures for animal welfare. Our research-based, animal-centric approach to product development ensures our products are always built on the latest science and animal needs. When linked to our data-app our IoT enabled welfare sensors give farmers real-time alerts to allow smart lighting and environment solutions in response to animal behaviour, improving productivity and animal welfare. Our unique approach to agricultural technology development means we have a number of patented products and technologies which are designed not only to improve animal well-being but also to reduce energy use and costs.

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Enlightened Finance

Asset Finance Offering from Greengage Agritech

Enlightened Finance is the new asset finance offering from Greengage Agritech. Here at Greengage we aim to make Precision Livestock Farming accessible and affordable. Enlightened Finance allows you to pay for the products that you buy from Greengage over an extended period.

Updates from Greengage

Measuring Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is complex, being a multi-faceted state and measuring it in an objective, outcome-based manner can be difficult to achieve.  A lot of animal welfare measurements are resource or input based but to measure welfare properly out-come based factors also need to be taken into account.  We have been considering how animal welfare is

Greengage wins New Product Award at the Pig & Poultry Fair

Greengage receives The Pig World New Product Award for our Animal Welfare Index Score at the Pig & Poultry Fair

Present and Future Challenges for the Poultry Industry

Greengages COO, Tim Hodgetts has been considering the present and future welfare challenges for the poultry industry and looking at how  technology can help  in this area.

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