Greengage Product Quality Bulletins

Technical Notification 18-002

Affected Parts: IPH500230/IPH500110 Description: ALIS Power Hub (PH500) Reason for Issue Technical Update for IPH500230 / IPH500110 loading and End Termination protocol. When installing or maintaining ALIS™ system consideration should be given to the number of ALIS™ lamps and the total length of ALIS™ Bus cable. The overall length of cable and number of lamps

Greengage Product Quality Bulletin November 2017

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 Products affected: IPD110 and IPDI230 Quantities affected: IPDI110 – 0.54% IPDI230 – 0.66% Failure mode Over temperature resulting in melting of external enclosure and exposure of internal electronics. Hazards for Site Risk Assessment Electric shock hazard, Fire Hazard Recommendations Visually examine the product installation and ensure dimmers are not installed on