Greengage Product Quality Bulletin November 2017

Tuesday, 28 November 2017
Products affected: IPD110 and IPDI230

Quantities affected:
IPDI110 – 0.54%
IPDI230 – 0.66%

Failure mode
Over temperature resulting in melting of external enclosure and exposure of internal electronics.

Hazards for Site Risk Assessment
Electric shock hazard, Fire Hazard

Visually examine the product installation and ensure dimmers are not installed on or near combustible materials and are preferably housed within a suitable metallic enclosure intended for use with low voltage control gear, satisfying IEC61439 and/or UL508A.

Corrective Actions
An updated installation manual is available for download. Customers should verify their equipment is installed in accordance with local regulations and latest guidance within the installation manual.

Where products are installed without the use of a suitable metallic enclosure then please contact Greengage via email . Where possible provide a photo of your installation and details of your preferred electrical contractor. We will then take the necessary remedial actions to upgrade your installation.