Greengage hatches their new intelligent platform for livestock farming at tradeshows around the world

A preview of Greengage’s new intelligent platform for livestock farming a tradeshow around the world marks the start of a new chapter for the Scotland-based agri-tech business as it rolls out an integrated platform that includes the original core product ALIS™ LED lighting.

Greengage is committed to solving the increasing challenges in global food production by applying the science of light, research and patented technology to a new range of innovative LED lights, sensors, web app and data analytics.

Sensors clip on to the same ALIS™ (Agricultural Lighting Induction System) induction power cable used for lighting in livestock sheds, creating an aerial network of lights and seven sensors looking down on the animals; monitoring critical parameters for welfare, productivity and the environment.

Sensors scheduled for release throughout 2018 include, temperature, light, humidity, CO2, ammonia, thermal imaging and acoustics.

Summary of our new LED and patented inductively powered lighting line-up.

ALIS™ Barn Lamps (wide and narrow beam) has a rated lamp life of 100,000 hours and provides optimum lighting conditions for farmers’ flocks.

ALIS™ Blue Lamps Creates calming conditions in poultry sheds for the catching phase.

ALIS™ Tube Lamps deliver optimum lighting conditions in layer systems using induction technology – keeping the power supply front of house for safety.

ALIS™ Nest Lamp provides poultry farmers with more control over their flocks, such as directing birds towards nests and reducing eggs on the floor.

So far in 2018, Greengage have previewed the platform at IPPE, Atlanta; GFIA, Abu Dhabi; Ferma, Poland; Pig & Poultry Fair, UK and will be exhibiting at VIV Utrecht (June); SPACE, France (September) and EuroTier, Hanover (November).

Contact Greengage on 0131 650 8851  to find out how our ALIS™ platform can improve productivity and animal welfare on your farm or request a presentation below.

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ALIS platform features a patented inductive powered network of LED lights and sensors integrated with a web application and data analytics.