Greengage make a strategic acquisition of Isotera’s assets

Greengage Lighting Ltd has acquired all the assets and IPR of Cambridgeshire-based Isotera, designers and manufacturers of innovative power and control systems for LED lights in a rescue deal on the 2 August 2017.

agricultural LED lighting

The strategic acquisition of Isotera’s assets, trademarks and intellectual property rights (IPR) will quickly enhance and add more value to the current Greengage product portfolio.

Steve Parsons, CEO at Greengage, explains, “Greengage welcomes the opportunity to take ownership of Isotera’s assets and looks forward to exploiting their potential in existing and new overseas markets.

Isotera’s trademarks and intellectual property will strengthen our status as a leading LED light and sensor provider in precision livestock farming.”

Call 0131 650 8850 or email Greengage if you have any questions regarding our acquisition of Isotera’s assets.