Enlightened Finance

Asset Finance Offering from Greengage Agritech

Enlightened Finance is the new asset finance offering from Greengage Ltd. Here at Greengage we aim to make Precision Livestock Farming accessible and affordable. Enlightened Finance allows you to pay for the products that you buy from Greengage over an extended period. The period of finance can be anywhere from 12 to 84 months allowing us to tailor a plan to your requirements. Over the agreed finance period you will then pay a fixed monthly amount and at the end of the agreement you will own the equipment outright.

Finance example:

A current example of a potential funding scenario based on a theoretical barn that has a capital cost (net of VAT) of £8,870 and payable over 60 months is as follows.

Fixed Interest Rate of 4.9% p.a.

Monthly Payment of £167.39 for 60 months.

Initial Payment of VAT amounting to £1,774.00.

Please note this is an example only.  Payment amounts will change depending on re-payment period, number of sheds to be fitted and interest rates.

Enlightened Finance

Puts you in control – fixed monthly payments set over an agreed period helps you manage budgets
Application for finance is simple and generally approved within 48 hrs
Funding is provided for the full capital cost of the equipment (excluding VAT)
There is no additional security required over and above the value of the equipment being financed

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