Poultry broiler package

Shed 25metres x 90metres
(82ft x 295ft)
Reduce aggression and mortality.
Improve hock and foot health.
Maintains birds’ circadian rhythm.
Maintain litter integrity.
Encourage natural behaviours.

ALIS broiler package components


2 X Power Hub Panels, Two Channels.

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1 X DTD Controller

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LED lighting for poultry farming


1 X ALIS Bus Switch


500m X ALIS Bus Cable

LED lighting for poultry and pig farming


100 X ALIS Barn Lamps

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Poultry swine sensors


ALIS Sensors

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ALIS Blue Lamp


15 X ALIS Blue Lamps

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5 X ALIS Junction Boxes

Recent ALIS broiler installations

Poultry LED lighting
ALIS installed at Allermuir Avian Innovation and Skills Centre managed by SRUC near Edinburgh, Scotland.
LED lighting installation for poultry in Poland
ALIS installation in one of the largest broiler integrators in Poland.

ROI calculator

See for yourself how the operational, productivity and welfare improvements compound to generate a return on investment.


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Significant reduction in lamp replacement and the expense that involves after each cycle (six weeks) is worth the investment in ALIS alone. We have ALIS installed in four sheds. Compared to our sheds that use CFL lights, I have noticed a better distribution of light on the floor with no dark areas resulting in calmer birds.

Greenknowles Farm, UK
Eddy Robertson, Farm Manager
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