9W ES26/27 ALIS Lamp

This light bulb is designed for use inside aviary systems and broiler cages or in tight spaces where a wide angle of light is required.

Our 9W Standard LED lamp provides a retrofittable or future upgrade for your livestock environments. The screw in mounting is universal and works with our power units.

With a polycarbonate standard lens the 9W provides evenly distributed ambient level of light, equivalent to 50W/60W incandescent lamps.

Created to provide the correct wavelength and intensity for layers in cages, enriched systems up to 5 units high and for alternative systems and rearing floors.


Product Features:

■ No glass.

■ Low heat, less than 70oC.

■ No UV or IR light radiation.

■ Instant “ON” to 100% brightness.

■ No mercury or other inorganics.

■ Even light distribution.

■ Excellent thermal efficiency.

■ Safety Standard: CE/UL approved.

■ Works with worldwide electrical systems.

Technical Specification:

■ Source: Greengage LED

■ Optics: Optical grade milky standard polycarbonate lens

■ Lumens: 597

■ Beam Angle: 120

■ Weight: 112 ± 2g

■ Rated Life: 60,000 hours or more

■ Temperature: -20oC to 40oC

■ Humidity Range: 0 to 95%

Electrical Specification:

■ Input Voltage: 230V 50Hz AC & 110V 60Hz AC

■ Power Consumption: 9W

■ Power Factor: >0.95

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