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What the science of light can do for poultry farmers

Commercial and scientific trials prove that Greengage’s ALIS platform can deliver operational, productivity and environment improvements.

ALIS platform delivers productivity gains for pig farmers

A recent independent scientific paper has published results from a replicated UK farm trial proving significant financial benefits to pig finishers using the Greengage ALIS lighting system.

How ALIS induction power works

ALIS (Agricultural Lighting Induction System) is currently the only induction powered LED lighting platform designed for livestock farming.

Science of light: Shadow reductions in poultry barns

Scientific trials and commercial results prove that our patented ALIS platform improves animal welfare, productivity and reduces operational costs which all compound to yield to a significant return on investment for poultry farmers.

Recent News

Greengage ALIS lighting platform installed at world-class avian research centre in Scotland

One of the world’s largest research facilities for improving avian health and welfare, opened in summer 2019.

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, opens Roslin Innovation Centre

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, formally opens Roslin Innovation Centre in Charnock Bradley Building, Easter Bush Campus.

Greengage pitches to investors at SETsquared breakfast event in London

SETsquared launched its Scale-Up Programme earlier in 2018, which is set to support 240 innovative SMEs over the next three years.

Layer producer testimonial

Andrew Watson, Woodcock Farm, UK