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Induction and ALIS LED Lamps

LED ALIS Induction Lighting

Take a look at our induction powered “clip on” lamps.

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LED ALIS Lighting

Retrofit your livestock environments with our LED ALIS range.

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30W LED ALIS Floodlight

Learn more about our most powerful LED lamp – the 30W LED ALIS Floodlight.

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Farming Sectors

Poultry Lighting

View our range of ALIS Induction Powered LED Lighting systems, and learn how each can aid the efficiency of bird growth, plus reduce the cost of your poultry farming process.

Pig Lighting

Enjoy greater yields and more efficient growth by installing our Induction Powered LED Lighting system (ALIS). Click to learn more about the benefits to your farming process.

Cattle Lighting

Take your shed environments to the next level with our Induction Powered LED Lighting system (ALIS).

Productivity, Efficiency and Welfare
Are you benefiting from LED Lighting?


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Agricultural Lighting Induction Systems (ALIS)
Maximising Productivity for Poultry, Swine and Cattle Environments

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